NW-CAMP: Rebuilding my community

Hereditary Chief of the Gitxan Nation, Gunghalaguntxw (Lawrence J Shanoss), and student in NW-CAMP in Prince Rupert, BC.

Hereditary Chief of the Gitxan Nation, Gunghalaguntxw (Lawrence J Shanoss), and student in NW-CAMP in Prince Rupert, BC.


My name in English is Lawrence J Shanoss, and my Gitxsan name is Gunghalaguntxw, that is “asking to be split.” I am from Gitsegukla (80 miles east of Terrace, BC on the Skeena River) and speak three dialects, The Gitxsan, The Tsimshian and The Nisga’a dialects. I have a lot of history to record.

I am currently enrolled in the Northwest Canadian Aboriginal Management Program (NW-CAMP), a collaboration between UVic’s Gustavson School of Business Executive Programs and Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (TRICORP), offering important training for Northwest BC’s village and band managers, economic development officers and education officers. The program is delivered in a series of 4-day courses spread across ten months, based in Prince Rupert, BC with a two week module in July to be held on the UVic campus. As part of the program, we were tasked with identifying, planning and launching a project in our community.

For my community project, I have contacted The United Soccer League so that our community may own a Soccer franchise with the Under 21 Super League. We now have the opportunity to create a Soccer Franchise for the Northern Region of British Columbia. I have researched adequate recreational facilities for the last 10 years and am glad to have finally found a program that will assist me in presenting the results of my intensive research in setting up a stadium and creating this opportunity for my community.

I am also hopeful that through this program and with the help of the Gustavson faculty, I will be able to start the re-planning of Gitsegukla. I have already obtained pre-approval of the New Gitsegukla Sub-Division and I have development companies ready to do business in order to prepare the site to help me to bring home over 5,000 members of my family so that we may rebuild our community. I have also met with the Aquilini group, presenting them with the project and I am currently awaiting their decision regarding funding.

Now you can see how determined I am and will be during this remarkable course that I stumbled on. Thank you very much for reading my short story. I am now encouraged to show the world what I have accomplished by just dreaming a good dream, gook shaa wok git – the constant dreamer.

Welcome to the Northwest Canadian Aboriginal Management Program (NW-CAMP)

Frank Parnell, CEO, Tribal Resources Investment Corporation (left) and Brent Mainprize, BEd, MBA, PhD, Teaching Professor, Entrepreneurship, University of Victoria Gustavson School of Business.



Welcome to the Northwest Canadian Aboriginal Management Program (NW-CAMP) through the University of Victoria. This is an opportunity to refresh and revitalize your practices as a key employee of a village government or band council in Northwest BC. You will come away with important tools to enhance your organization’s impact in your community and the lives of Aboriginal entrepreneurs. We have developed a flexible model for you to identify, plan and begin to launch a project in your community. Professionalize your approach to Aboriginal management and economic development while gaining the skills you need to serve your communities with confidence. Best of all, the University of Victoria will be delivering these courses to you in the Northwest.